2S ThunderPower Charge & Balance Cable

Unique cable lets you charge directly through the balance lead with 2S ThunderPower batteries

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Our main charge leads are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.

This unique design serves as both a charging and balancing cable for your 2S ThunderPower battery pack, allowing you to safely charge and balance your battery directly through the balance lead, without using the main connector. Connect to your battery with the ThunderPower connector, while at the charger end you have 4mm banana plugs for the main port, and a standard 2S JST-XH balance connector for the balance port. Top-quality silicone wire gives you the flexibility you need to easily get everything connected.



Cable Input Connector Male 4mm Banana Plug (main lead), Male 2S JST-XH (balance lead)
Cable Output Connector Female 2S ThunderPower
Current Rating 3A
Wire Gauge 22 AWG Silicone
Wire Length 6"


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