Betaflight F4 Flight Controller

The Betaflight F4 is the new generation of ultimate Betaflight flight controller, fully packed with an OSD, blackbox SD card slot, and an integrated PDB.

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Betaflight F4 is the follow up design to the very popular Betaflight F3. Following in the same path as Betaflight F3, the F4 maintains a very similar footprint in terms of design with a few added modifications. The F405 has replaced the F303 to allow for lower CPU loads.

Featuring a Integrated PDB, current sensor, integrated memory for blackbox, and fully functioning OSD that can be configured in Betaflight, this board will make configuring your OSD a breeze. The OSD has the added feature of allowing configuration of betaflight, which will make configuring your quad a breeze! Say goodbye to your field laptop!

The 5v/3.3v jumper has been eliminated, and two seperate connection points added, one for sbus and one for spektrum users. The jumper still remains for the battery voltage/5v connection for connecting your camera. While wiring the board it is recommended to get power for your vtx either from a different 5v source on the board or if using a higher voltage vtx power it from the battery input coming into the pdb. Running ground loop at Agnd with gnd wires from camera and vtx is still recommended to give the cleanest video signal.

Another small design change to this board was changing the BEC, this change takes the recommended 5v 2A current limit and drops it down to 5V 1.5A, its a small change but one that we opted for in order to use a more reliable BEC.

BetaflightF4 now comes with telemetry pads for BLHeli32 ESCs these pads are located between the signal and gnd pads for the ESC connections.



3-Axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer MPU6000 Gyro/ACC Sensor
Main Port Functions 3 x UART ports (one for radio receiver)
Output Voltage BEC Max current 5V 1.5A
Outputs Built in OSD, GUI SD Card adapter for BlackBox


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