iCharger 308/406Duo Mounting Pedestals


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  • Aids secure mounting of Duo iChargers in case setups

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iCharger Duo Mounting Pedestals

Looking to recreate our Hardline Dynamo case combo? These custom feet make it a breeze to securely mount your iCharger 308Duo or 406Duo on top of a power supply.

The design of the 308 and 406Duo chargers makes it difficult to mount flat and tricky to secure. These custom CNC milled platforms are designed to offset the charger's natural slant, so that you can get a flush flat fit.

Designed in house at ProgressiveRC, the pedestals come with all the hardware you need to bolt the charger to the pedestals through the bolt holes built in to the case of the charger. Then all you need to do is velcro the pedestals to the top of your power supply. The pedestals are two inches wide to match our mounting strips, we'd recommend one foot of the rough and one foot of the soft to complete the installation.

  • Dimensions: 167x52x11mm & 167x52x8mm
  • Made in the USA!


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