FMA PowerLab 8 Touch

The legendary PowerLab workstation - now with integrated Bump technology!

9 available




The most reliable charging workstations in the industry just got even better - introducing the PowerLab touch series. By integrating their revolutionary Bump technology directly into the charger itself, FMA have changed the game for good.

Using Near Field Communication technology, the PowerLab Touch is able to communicate with any battery equipped with a Bump Tag - a small sticker applied to the battery. Once a Bump Tag is programmed for the battery, all you need to do is "bump" the battery against the Bump Zone on the charger and it will automatically bring up your preferred settings for that particular battery.

A simple and intuitive color touchscreen makes navigation a breeze, while integrated Bluetooth support gives you even easier control from Android and iOS devices.

Each PowerLab Touch includes six Bump Tags and a USB cable.



Maximum Charge Power 1350W
Charge Current Range 0.01-40A
Discharge Current Range 0.01-8A internal; 0.01-40A regenerative
Input Voltage 10-48V DC
Input Current 40A
Maximum Discharge 95W
Maximum Regenerative Discharge 1350W
Balance Accuracy 78µV
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1-8S
NiCd/NiMh Cell Count 1-21S
Pb Battery Cell Count 3S, 6S, 12S
PC Connectivity Yes
Dimensions 145x142x87mm
Weight 865g
Warranty 1 year


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