VAS/TBS Triumph FPV Antenna Set (SMA - LHCP)

A set of two 5.8GHz FPV antennas

14 available




Two of the hottest names in FPV flight, IBCrazy and Team BlackSheep, have come together to create the Triumph circular polarized antenna, a giant leap in 5.8GHz antenna technology, and now the much anticipated SMA version is also available!

Extensive research and development have taken this antenna way beyond the traditional bent lobes of cloverleaf designs. The best antenna technology in the world has been taken on board and modified specifically for FPV use.

Without durability, though, even the best antenna is worthless, so extra time was invested to make sure that the Triumph can stand up to the toughest abuse. A double-jacketed semi-rigid cable ensures that you'll never have to worry about a tear in the insulation, while a foam filled enclosure protects the antenna lobes from even the hardest impact.

This package includes two LHCP antennas.



Frequency 5500-6000MHz
Beam Width 360°
Axial Ratio 0.74
Gain 1.26DBIC
Antenna Connector SMA
Dimensions 45x85mm
Weight 11.5g


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