iCharger 4010Duo Mounting Pedestals

  • Aids secure mounting of Duo iChargers in case setups

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iCharger Duo Mounting Pedestals

Looking to recreate our Caged Threat case combo? These custom feet make it a breeze to securely mount your Duo iCharger on top of a power supply.

The design of the Duo charger makes it tricky to mount flat, and tricky to secure. Shortening the front feet and pushing the back feet off the edge of the power supply solves both issues, but leaves you without a lot of surface area for your mounting materials to make contact. These mounting pedestals ensure that your charger isn't going anywhere.

Designed and 3D printed here in house at ProgressiveRC, the pedestals come with an overhanging front lip to ensure solid placement on the edge of your power supply and a set-screw hole to lock the charger in place. Included double-sided adhesive ensures a strong contact with the power supply.

Note that the pedestals are meant to be used with Duo chargers that have had their front feet shortened. Unmodified chargers will not fit into the pedestal.

  • Dimensions: 80x42x7mm
  • Made in the USA!


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