KBDD 500 Size Dampers


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  • Upgrade your heli with these professional grade dampers from KBDD

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KBDD 500 Size Dampers



KBDD's dampeners are made for long life and exacting performance. They are also a composite of materials and are designed to dampen progressively. The dampeners add the stability that both sport and 3D Pilots desire.

These dampers are for 500 size helicopters - choose your particular model below. The TRex 500 design uses a two stage progression. The first stage is created by the knobs which cushion during slow head speeds. The firmer dampening then starts with the solid portion. This is a hard dampener. Please take note of the small lip on one end of the dampener. This was designed prior to the feathering tube which Align now puts in their kits. This lip takes the place of the feathering tube.



  • TRex 500E Color: Orange
  • Gaui X5D Color: Lime Green
  • Intended Model: 500 size Helis


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