Lumenier Digital RGB Arm LED Board

Digital RGB Arm LED Board designed for quads

50 available




The Lumenier Digital RGB Arm LED board is a universal addressible array of RGB LEDs. The board has 4 super bright RGB LEDs installed that can work directly with the Lumenier RGB LED Tail or to a flight controller with Cleanflight LED control software. The LEDs need 5v, ground and a signal source in order to work.

The Layout of the PCB board keeps wiring clean and neat with input and output pads on the same end of the board. This way each arm on your aircraft can have a LED board with the wiring pointing to the middle. The LED Tail board stores the last setting it was in when it is power cycled. One of the modes of the LED Tail board is an "OFF" mode that turns all LEDs off.


Customer Reviews (2)

A perfect fitReview by Todd
A great addition to my 280 racer... (Posted on 6/4/2017)
Great product!Review by andy
Stand alone application on Naze32 10dof Cleanflight and Revolution Librepilot 16.09.
Cleanflight: I used them without the tail light / controller board and they work great! I did need to install a resistor to make it work however but all the LEDs displayed the color and status that was assigned and customer configurations also accepted.
Librepilot: It works but no custom configuration can be applied. All it does is display status! No detailed documentation on what each LED will display! Just a dumb table that is not so easy too understand! But the end result is that it works.

BTW: Great customer service. The answered all my questions and replaced one that was missing. (Posted on 3/24/2017)

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