Lumenier RX0615-17 Micro Brushed Motor Set (2 CW, 2 CCW)

SKU: MT-LMRX0615-17
Powerful 6mm motors for micro aircraft, such as the Inductrix.

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The Lumenier RX0615-17 Micro Brushed Motors are powerful 6mm motors for micro sized planes and multirotors. This 17000kv version comes in a unique chrome purple color to stand out from the crowd. Designed specifically to be an upgrade for the Blade Inductrix, these motors have no problem providing the extra power required to carry FPV gear and larger batteries. They are very fast motors and will turn your Inductrix into a FPV rocket! We do suggest upgrading your flight battery to a more powerful alternative such as the 1S Tattu or Lumenier batteries in order to support these powerful motors.



Motor Velocity Constant (kV) 17,000Kv
Shaft Diameter 0.8mm
Input Voltage 1.5-4.2v
Dimensions 6mm x 15mm (excluding shaft)
Weight 1.8g


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