Multi-Port Safe Parallel Board for JST-XH & XT60

  • Charge and balance up to six LiPos in parallel, with fuses on every connection and additional ports for 1S packs, RX and TX batteries - daisy chain multiple boards together to charge even more batteries!

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XT60s have quickly become one of the most popular connectors throughout the RC hobby, and this board is the perfect complement for your XT60-equipped batteries.

The board comes fully fuse protected, with 40A blade fuses on the main circuit and self-resetting polyfuses protecting your balance plugs. The board can handle packs from 2S-6S and is capable of charging up to six packs at once at up to 40A. The board also includes additional ports for small 1S packs, and even a barrel plug to charge the battery from your FPV goggles! Need to charge more than six packs at a time? Simply daisy chain multiple boards together and there's no limit to how many you can connect.

Not sure how fast your setup can charge? Click here to use our power calculator and find out!



Board Input Connector Female XT60 (female housing with male bullets)
Board Output Connector Male 4mm Banana Plugs
Balance Input Connectors 2S-8S Female JST-XH
Balance Output Connector 6S Male JST-XH
Wire Type 12 AWG main lead; 20 AWG balance lead
Wire Length 6"
Dimensions 200x115x50mm


Customer Reviews (2)

Love this. Upgrade!Review by phil
I have 12 LiPo's that I fly on my quad and 12 more when my Grandkids come over to show me how to fly. Charging one or 2 at a time was horrible. Now get a 4010 Duo for power and control, and sweeten it with 2 of these parallel boards. Now I can Balance charge 12 4s 1500mA packs at 2c. Now I know that you could parallel charge batteries before these boards arrrived, But not with safety. Fuses are everywhere and are standard auto blade fuses. There are also thermal strips that change color with heat to let you know things are going wrong. I charged 24 batteries in a hour and a half with all the safety and control necessary. With this product available, I dont see why anyone would risk fast charging batteries without balance control. Batteries are not cheap and fires are expensive, The boards were less than $50 and allow up to 40 amps of safe, protected, balance charge from 1-6s. Then throw in your fat shark goggle battery on the built in connector, sweet! Now the disclaimer,All the batteries need to be the same style 2s,4s,etc. They also need to be close in capacity 1500 and 2000 mA but not 500 and 3000mA and you have to have to batteries at 0.1 volt of each other before plugging them all in. Test the voltage on all batteries and sort them in piles. If you start the lowest batteries first and stop the charge when they are within 0.1 of the next pile and add it in. If you use a calibrated telemetry system showing voltage you can hit the pits with voltages all in range of each other and minimize creative charging. Put value on your time and these will be a no brainer. The only thing that they need to offer as a option kit is extension charge and balance cables so you minimize wear on the board connectors and for moving the batteries into a safety bag or enclosure for fire protection. (Posted on 2/20/2017)
In Charging HeavenReview by ECLIPSE-FPV
How did I live without this so long???? this is a must buy if you own more that 2 pack of batteries.... I don't care you have a quad charger or single port charger... I currently use my quad charger with one channel charging 6 batteries and my other port running other stuff... radio/ goggle batteries... so much less headache to charge now...will be buying more of these soon....quality and build is top notch... it know there are cheaper boards out there but spend the money for the quality... you wont regret (Posted on 9/27/2016)

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