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Mean Well SE-1000-24 Power Supply

Mean Well SE-1000-24 Power Supply

Product Review (submitted on May 15, 2012):
these are top notch units, a brand new quality server power supply like this one should last years and years and years.

i am loving this thing, 24V and 1000 watts in one unit is what i was after and that is what i got. surprisingly its not all that loud. a few friends of mine wired 2 supplies together to make a 24V supply and you know when those things are running, they are extremely noisy.

i think this was a very good choice and i am sure its going to last for many, many years to come. these things run for years and years in a server that is on 24hours a day. i have a feeling us RC guys are going to have a hard time wearing one of these out..

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