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Parallel Splitter JST-XH

Parallel Splitter JST-XH

Product Review (submitted on April 7, 2012):
Look at the photo careful, it is 1 female (socket) to 2 male (pins) connectors. The specification states 1 male to 2 female connectors, referring to the connectors themselves and not the pin/socket.

Just an interpretation problem, but enough that I can't use what I ordered.

ProgressiveRC Comment: All connectors are designated by the housing, not by the pins inside of them. Some connectors include a mix of male and female pins inside for example, so by convention they are all designated by the housing and clear photos are provided. We apologize for the confusion and will abide by the current designation. Battery leads (on the battery) have male balance connectors (with female pins) and chargers or charge lead side connections have the female balance connector (which contains male pins).

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