ProgressiveRC is dedicated to bringing innovative, professional quality products to the RC hobby.

PRC Home Team

Our unparalleled customer experience starts here, at the ProgressiveRC headquarters in Seattle, WA.

Robin Wilkes
General Manager
Yarden Sheffer
Technical Director
Aaron Sperry
Designer, Developer, Fabricator
Ciriaco Vergara
Shipping and Receiving
Matthew Fuller
Customer Service Lead
Director of Public Relations
PRC Flight Team

We're proud to sponsor some of the best pilots in the world.

Carl Groover
Alvin Chai
Our Team Leader, Carl is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best pilots in the USA. Whether he's competing at events like XFC or just having fun flying demos at IRCHA, Carl is grabbing a lot of attention with his aggressive flying style.
Known and respected around the world, Alvin has been competing at high level events for several years. Renowned for his tight control of 3D maneuvers, his flights always draw a crowd.
Charging Setup:
  • 2x iCharger 3010B
  • PRC Hardline Case
Charging Setup:
  • iCharger 306B
  • Mean Well SE-1000-24
Heli Fleet:
  • Rave Ballistic
  • 2x Rave ENV EFBL
Heli Fleet:
  • Gaui X7
Eitan Goldstin
Jonathan Yafe
Only 14, Eitan is already one of the top pilots in the world, going from 5th at 3D Masters 2011 to 2nd place overall in 2012, and winning the Flight to Music event. A strong showing at the One competition at IRCHA confirmed his place among the world’s elite.
Jonathan is 16 years old and has been flying for 3.5 years. He is also a proud part of the KDS team. He won 4th Place at HeliMasters advanced class in 2013, his first competition in the world. He won the Expert class in Israel and placed 5th and 3rd in the Masters level.
Charging Setup:
  • iCharger 306B
  • PRC Hardline Case
Charging Setup:
  • iCharger 308DUO
  • Mean Well RSP-1500-24
Heli Fleet:
  • Gaui X7
Heli Fleet:
  • AGILE 7.2
  • AGILE 5.5
Jamie & Mason Dumanski
Rob Cherry
This father & son team are a fixture at funflys across the country. Just 7 years old, Mason is already mastering 3D moves that most pilots take years to learn.
Though he's only been flying since 2010, Rob already has masterful control over his 3D flights, and is quickly gaining a following in the heli community.
Charging Setup:
  • iCharger 306B
  • iCharger 206B
  • Mean Well RSP-1500-24
  • PRC Hardline Case
Charging Setup:
  • FMA PowerLab 6
  • 2x iCharger 208B
Heli Fleet:
  • TRex 600E
Heli Fleet:
  • Synergy E7
PRC Road Team

Look out for our reps at events across the US!

Tony Whiteside
Frank Columbia
Ben Minor
Tony takes his larger-than-life personality and his 3D skills to 20-30 funflys per year. With his custom golf cart/mobile charge station, you won't be able to miss him.
One of the best known fliers today, Frank is a regular presence at events all around the world, having competed at events including XFC, the Taiwan Cup, and the Align Las Vegas Competition.
Ben Minor has been flying radio controlled models since the spring of 1981 and has been almost exclusively flying model helicopters since 1986. After flying nitro powered models up until the fall of 2009, Ben began an aggressive self-education in electric power and has never looked back. His interests include proper power system choice and optimization of that system to provde the best balance of power and efficiency to suit the application. Ben is a long time user of Progressive RC's iCharger line, and his current charger of choice is the 306B. In his pofessional life, Ben is a companion animal veterinarian (DVM).
Mike Fortin
Sangeeth Samuel
Justin Harris
Mike is almost constantly on the road going to one event or another. A former XFC competitor, he lives for 3D flying.
An ER doctor by day, Sangeeth has found enough time in his off hours to pick up 3D flying, and pick it up fast.
Chad Graham
Bill Pierce
Sam B.
Chad has been flying since 2007, and now maintains an online flight school complete with video tutorials for pilots looking to start moving into 3D maneuvers.
Bill Pierce has been flying for 12 years. He was the North West Champion in the Expert class and freestyle class 2005 and 2006. Now he flies demos and helps people with their set-ups. He attends all the North West events with the "Tri City Heli Boys". He CD's two events a year in Othello, WA, the season opener and the season closer.
Sam's fascination is electric. He chooses PRC because he believes it is a solid team behind him. Sam has flown R/C planes since 1989, and helis since 2007. He loves teaching others and sharing information, and every technical aspect of helis both on the workbench and in the air.