"The Bargain" 600W Combo

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Budget charger and power supply still pack a punch!

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1 x ISDT SC-620   (Low Stock)   +$69.99
Mean Well SE-600-24 Power Supply   (Excellent Stock)   +$100.00
1 x AC Power Cord for Mean Well Power Supplies   (Good Stock)   +$3.00
1 x XT60 to Ring Connector Power Adapter for ISDT Chargers   (Good Stock)   +$2.00



On a budget, but still need serious power? This is the combo for you. Low price doesn't have to mean low quality - the ISDT chargers are the most exciting new brand since the iChargers, and the Mean Well power supply has all the reliability and efficiency of its bigger brothers.

With 500W of output potential, you'll be able to hit the charger's 20A maximum charge rate all the way up to 6S packs. That kind of power means you could do as many as 15 packs in an hour if you're working with 4S 1300mAh batteries!


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