KBDD 450 Size Night Tail Blades


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  • Upgrade your heli for night flying with these glow in the dark tail blades from KBDD!

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KBDD Night Tail Blades for 450 Helis



KBDD recognized there was a need for high performance night tail blades. At first pilots would tie light sticks on their helicopters to prevent a crash if power was lost to the glow wire or LEDs. KBDD wanted a simple solution that would not require changes in the way the helicopter performed during the day, and created a tail blade which when charged with light will glow for at least 10 minutes after the light source is removed. This gives the pilot plenty of time to land safely.

This kit comes complete with a 5mm Ultraviolet LED which keeps the tail blades fully charged. The best news is they are just like KBDD's non-glowing tail blades. There is no performance loss for night flying. There is no added weight. There are no batteries or LEDs on the tail blades. You helicopter will fly as good at night as it does during the day.



  • Length: 59.6mm or 61mm
  • Color: Glow in the dark!
  • Intended Model: 450 size Helis


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