6' Battery Charge Lead with Clamps - 8 AWG

Heavy duty lead gives you six feet of flexibility for connecting to a lead-acid battery

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When you're charging a car battery - or using the battery to power your charger - you can never have enough flexibility in your hookup. This heavy-duty cable gives you six feet of cabling from the battery clamps to your output. Super heavy duty 8 AWG silicone wire is ready for huge current loads, and the positive and negative wires are attached together with heat shrink to make it easy to route the cable wherever you need.

Heavy duty clamps let you make an easy connection to the terminals on your battery, while at the other end of the cable you'll have bare wire ends for easy installation of whatever connectors you need to hook up to your charger.



Cable Input Connector Bare Wire
Cable Output Connector Battery Clamps
Current Rating 200A
Wire Gauge 8 AWG Silicone
Wire Length 72"


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