Betaflight F7 Flight Controller

The latest generation of BF FC is high performance and feature packed!

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Betaflight F7 is here and it features a completely new layout. Top mounted solder pads ensure ease of access for even the trickiest of builds. The Betaflight F7 features dual gyros so the user can have their choice of which one to use, either the tried and true MPU6000 for sampling up to 8kHz, or the new ICM20608 for up to 32kHz.

It's not just about performance though - the F7 is also packed with features that will make your life easier. Betaflight OSD comes standard, along with a built in barometer, 5V/1A LC filter - even a blackbox recorder when you use a micro SD card. The F7 is ready for DShot ESCs, has buzzer and LED support, and can work with just about every receiver protocol out there - PPM/SBUS/IBUS/DSM2/DSMX - with 4 UARTs ready to be inverted as needed.

Altogether this is one unstoppable package!



3-Axis Gyroscope and AccelerometerMPU6000 and ICM20608
Maximum Input Voltage4S LiPo (6S with capacitor)


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SUCKS!Review by Drew
I'll just tell it like it is. I've spent months trying to figure this thing out. Still cant get it dialed in. I'll give credit to where credit is due and that's to Armattan for building such a tank for a frame. I beat the crap out of my rooster trying to get the FC tuned and it just keeps beating up my frame and new props. Don't waste your time and money. Get something else. There's no firmware update for this and all of the reviews I watched and read were all true. Nothing against Progressive they provide great service and is my go to shop. love the great service.

ProgressiveRC Comment: Many of us use and love this flight controller. Although their are current firmware versions available, they can be difficult to find. You will want to use the Omnibus F7 firmware versions. (Posted on 1/1/2019)

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