BetaFPV 0615 19500kV Brushed Motor Set

SKU: MT-BF0615-195
High performance motors for Tiny Whoops

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Do you value performance over flight time and motor life in a crazy way? These are your motors. When you try them you'll know why we recommend them. The floor drops; the Tiny Whoop shrinks into the sky. Tiny and fast go so well together.



Motor Velocity Constant (kV) 19500
Stator Diameter 6mm
Stator Length 15mm
Shaft Diameter 0.8mm
Input Voltage 1S LiPo
Weight 1.8g


Customer Reviews (1)

Perfect Upgrade for 65mm Brushed KitsReview by Destoyer Dan
If you, like me, have a QX65 or some similar quad that came as a great package, but have been unhappy with the performance, don't just put that quad into the bin. These motors transformed my tired old QX65 into the fastest quad I own.
Flight time improved ~30s, with batteries coming down cooler - despite picking up a fair bit of speed. Handling authority is improved as well.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the performance (and aesthetics) these motors bring. Despite all the hype about the latest brushless whoop class options, if you have a brushed setup in need of a refresh, these do wonders on a budget. (Posted on 12/19/2018)

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