BetaFPV Beta65 Pro 2 (BNF - FrSky)

Small and light like a Whoop, but with 2S power!

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The Beta65 Pro 2 is the smaller version of the Pro series. With the AIO F4 2S flight controller and 0802 brushless motors, it only weighs 24g without batteries.

BetaFPV provide more choices for every level of FPV pilot. The Pro series is their product line with lighter brushless drones. The X series, like Beta65X or Beta75X, represent the highest performance of 2S whoop drones. With long range receivers, powerful ESC and motors, pilots would fly the X drone like a smaller mini drones; the Pro series, like Beta65 Pro 2 and Beta75 Pro 2, have a higher integrated AIO FC and lighter weight, so pilots can fly it like a faster Tiny Whoop drone.This is the biggest difference of the X series and Pro series drones.

The Beta65 Pro 2 includes a pair of 1S 300mAh LiHV cells. The camera angle is 35 degree by default but a spare camera mount with 25 degree is also attached to the drone.



Dimensions 65mm diagonal motor to motor
Net Weight 24g


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