BetaFPV HumQuad HX115 HD

Run 3S or 4S packs on this HD capable toothpick quad!

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The all-new HX115 from BetaFPV is the first toothpick quad to feature the high-definition RunCam Split 3 Nano - now you can shoot 1080p video of all your flights with ease.

It's not just about the DVR, though - you'll get unparalleled power and performance from the all-new toothpick FC paired with 1105 5000kV motors. Whether you're just ripping in your backyard or blasting through the sky, this beast is for you. With a 4.2mm thick carbon unibody frame, you don't need to worry too much about the crashes, either.

Utilizing the all-new toothpick AIO FC & 12A ESC instead of individual boards saves weight and makes it easier for you to work on and repair your build without unnecessary wiring. The powertrain supports 3S or 4S packs, and included are two types of props for you to choose from - 3030 tri-blades for 3S, and 3020 two-blade props for efficient 4S flight.



Fuselage Thickness 4.2mm
Arm Thickness 4.2mm
Dimensions 115mm motor-to-motor
Net Weight 74.3g


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