BetaFPV Toothpick F4 2-4S 20A All-in-One Flight Controller V3

Fly past the limits of toothpick quads with this high-power AIO board

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The all-new V3 edition of this hugely popular AIO adds an 8M flash chip for black box support, and 3 full UARTs!

For a new generation of toothpick drone, the new AIO Brushless FC can handle 20A continuous current (25A burst), which is the first 20A all-in-one FC on the market. Compared to FC / ESC Stacks design, this board provides you with massive levels of performance capability while still maintaining an ultralight weight of only 6.63g. Break through the limit of toothpick power, and explore more possibilities in 3''-4'' drones.

This board is your best choice to DIY your own toothpick drone that is tailored to your requirements. Compatible with 120x, 130x, or 140x motors, the motor solder pads are double-sided, and you have your choice of soldering directly to the board or using the included connectors.



Weight 6.6g
Dimensions 32.5x32.5mm (26.5mm mounting holes)
Input Voltage 2S-4S LiPo


Customer Reviews (2)

I don't knowReview by bob
I don't know if I can accurately talk about this product, because I never got to fly with it. I have put together over 100 quads, I do good solder work. When I plug in the USB, it lights up fine, but when I plug in the battery, I get the first 3 comes from the esc, and that's it. The LED's don't come on. I am pretty sure I just got a faulty one, and when I asked progressive rc about it, they asked me to take photos of it and send it to them. There is nothing wrong with it visually, but since this problem happened after I soldered it, I won't be able to rma it. Lesson learned, always check your flight controller before you solder it, although I don't know how this is possible because you need to solder on battery leads to test it... (Posted on 5/3/2020)
BETAFPV 20a AIOReview by Robert Tegland
On, is says the motor connectors are installed, one of the main reasons I even bought this, but it's to bad they don't. I never got a chance to fly with this. I did manage to get the motor connectors soldered, but the pads are extremely small. For all of the connections, they are extremely small. This is a very difficult board to solder. I have soldered 100's in my life.

So, I got the motors and receiver installed and working via Betaflight. Then I tried to solder on the VTX. After I did this, the board did not smoke, but it failed altogether. At this point, the SBUS and 5 volt pads just came right off with the wiring. I did not pull it on accident, they just came off..

My soldering is not perfect, but I can always solder in between the lines. And I know when to not try to boot it up, like if something is soldered questionably, or a loose piece of solder land on the board. Like I said, I have done hundreds of boards with success. I just couldn't reach success with this board. Now I have a paperweight. None of this is the fault of I knew betafpv products where cheap, but this board looked solid in the pictures.

ProgressiveRC Comment: There have been several revisions of this board, the current version does not have motor connectors pre-soldered. The pads on a micro board are very small and easy to lift. Precise heat, flux, and soldering skills are required when working on components of this size. (Posted on 4/25/2020)

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