One of the questions we get asked a lot here is “do I need male or female EC5 connectors?” There is a lot of confusion surrounding EC5 connectors and gender, and it all stems from the way the EC5 connector is designed. EC5s are made with female bullets in a male housing, and male bullets in a female housing:

Male EC5 on Left, Female EC5 on Right.


A lot of people identify these connectors based on their internal bullets. Here at ProgressiveRC we follow the industry standard convention (set by JST connectors, etc) of naming all of our connectors based on the gender of the housing. All of our connectors follow this standard with the greatest confusion surrounding EC5 and EC3 connectors. To continue with our example of EC5 connectors, this means our Male EC5 connectors have a male housing and female bullets, and the Female EC5 has a female housing and male bullets.

All of our EC5 charging cables (and boards) have a Female EC5 connector (female housing, male bullets). Spyder batteries 4000 mAh and up come with Male EC5 connectors (male housing, female bullets).

As far as chargers go, the FMA PowerLab 6 and 8 both use a male EC5, and the new iCharger 4010Duo has a female EC5 connector.

This may be an uphill battle but I hope this post clears some confusion and will help out the next time someone is trying to figure out which connector they need!