For years ProgressiveRC has offered the most tricked out cases in the world for special event prizes and our sponsored pilots.  Customers have frequently asked for non-standard options they’ve seen on these projects such as USB charging and lighting which we’ve had to reserve for special applications.  We’re happy to announce that we are now able to offer these options to our customers through the “PRC Custom Shop.”  We’ve expanded our supplies, templates, tooling, and employees to accommodate growing demand, and if you can imagine it we’ll apply our experience, equipment, and skills to make it a reality.  Our newsletter features a few photos of creations we’ve done to give you an idea of the finished products.  Some of the possible options include:


  • - USB charging ports
  • - custom lighting (white, blacklight, dimmable, remote controlled, etc.)
  • - laser engraving
  • - audio/video options – monitors, speakers, and amplifiers
  • - custom materials (from colored polycarbonates to bamboo)
  • - embedded computer for lighting and other controls
  • - custom hardware and fan grills
  • - industrialized mounting with all equipment bolted down
  • - 3D printed components incorporating logos, pictures, and/or text



To discuss custom shop case work, please email or use the contact form on our site and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss designing your dream case.