The EC5 Punch was created in order to take the pain and frustration out of assembly for the do-it-yourself RC hobbyist. Designed from the ground up by ProgressiveRC, the punch is precisely machined from stainless steel for a lifetime of hard work.


Anyone who has attempted to create their own connectors using EC5 bullets and housing knows that it can be a tricky proposition. Insertion of bullets into housing often requires smashing components together, which can lead to stubbed fingers and uneven connections. Some attempt to pop the bullets into place using a screwdriver and hammer but this method can be dangerous, often leading to cuts or gouges of the hand.


The EC5 Punch simplifies the process of completing an EC5 connection, making assembly safer and easier. The tool works by applying even pressure to a soldered connector that is ready to be inserted into housing. The semi-circular lip covers 180 degrees of the bullet’s edge and requires a simple tap from a hammer, or can even be pressed by hand!


Read what people are saying about the EC5 Assembly Punch:


“I could have done with one of these about eight years ago. A great idea that loads of people who use EC5 connectors will love.” – startazz via Youtube


“Genius tool. A number of times I've smashed my fingers and drawn blood wrestling with small screw drivers.” – fauropitotto via Instagram


“It works perfectly. I cannot believe that no one had thought of this before! This makes installing EC5 leads fun.” – Matthew via website comment