FPV 101 PRC Product Guide


Wondering how to get into FPV drones and/or drone racing? We have a selection of products great for entry level drone enthusiasts (or for the drone-curious!) folks. Below you'll find a list of our entry-level drones and gear. To get started, you'll need a drone, a compatible radio (more on that below), and a screen or goggles.

To make it easier for beginners, we put together an FPV 101 package. The Inductrix micro quad is probably the most fun toy available right now, and pairing it with the included transmitter is a piece of cake. The Inductrix features a high-quality FPV camera which will transmit its video signal on a range of frequencies, which you can tune into using the included LCD screen. Get a better deal than purchasing the parts individually! Click the picture to the right to see more details:

FPV 101 Ready to Fly Combo



Entry Level Drones

The following four drones are PRC's entry-level quadcopters. The Mighty Whoop is PRC's answer to the Tiny Whoop craze. It's safe, durable, and affordable, and the components were hand-picked by PRC's knowledgeable team. The Blade Inductrix comes ready to go out of the box - just bind it to your radio and you're ready to fly! It has become an industry standard and is the perfect quad for a beginner. The Blade Inductrix Pro gives the pilot more flexibility with a BetaFlight compatible flight controller, and has a new frame design which improves durability. If you're looking for a real beginner's challenge, look into the EMAX Babyhawk. It comes ready to fly out of the box, but its size requires more space and practice to master. This is the only quad on this list we recommend taking outside - the other three are excellent for indoor practice or even indoor racing!

Mighty Whoop Indoor FPV ComboBlade Inductrix FPV Bind and FlyBlade Inductrix FPV Pro Bind and FlyEMAX Babyhawk 85mm Micro Brushless FPV Racer BNF




Different drones use different protocols, and to get flying with one of the above drones you'll need either a Spektrum radio or a FrSky Taranis radio. The Blade Inductrix and Blade Inductrix Pro utilize the Spektrum protocol, so the Spektrum DXe or DX6e would be the best choice for you if you purchase either of those. The PRC Mighty Whoop and the BNF Babyhawk both use the FrSky protocol, so the Taranis Q X7 is the radio you'd purchase to accompany those quads.


Spektrum DXe DSMX TransmitterSpektrum DX6e 6-Channel DSMX TransmitterFrSky Taranis Q X7

Goggles and Screens


Goggles and Screens

FPV (first-person view) allows the pilot to place themselves inside their drone without leaving the ground. We've got three affordable ways to watch the drones'-eye view. The Eachine LCD Screen runs on batteries so can be taken to parks or races. The Eachine Goggles Two is the most comfortable and lightweight set of affordable goggles we have ever worn. If you'd like to get into Fat Sharks, the best set for your money is currently the Attitude V4 Anniversary headset. The Anniversary edition was a single run, but once those run out the Attitudes are still a fantastic deal!


Eachine LCD5802D Display with Diversity and DVREachine Goggles Two 1080p FPV HeadsetFat Shark Attitude V4 Modular FPV Headset Anniversary Edition




These little drones are powered by Lipo batteries. The PRC Mighty Whoop, Blade Inductrix, and Blade Inductrix Pro are all powered by 1S batteries, and the Babyhawk is powered by 2S batteries. Consider purchasing multiple batteries to start since racing times can be short on these small batteries (the 1S batteries have 3-5 minutes of air time and the 2S batteries have 5-7 minutes).


Tattu 1S 220mAh 45C for Tiny WhoopLumenier 1S 205mAh 25CGens Ace 2S 450mAh 25CLumenier 2S 400mAh 50C



Getting a good charging station is crucial for your batteries, and we have plenty affordable options for you. If you purchase a set of goggles, you may have to also purchase an antenna and a receiver. For more information on getting yourself fully set up, contact us on the live chat or email us at contact@progressiverc.com. We love to hear from you, and love talking about FPV!