PRC Holiday Gift Guide


Looking for a gift for the RC Enthusiast in your life? Here's a lovely list of our favorite items from our catalog for every skill level and budget. We ship same or next day (give a little more time for cases)!



Get Flying Quickly

The Charpu Combo and the Race Ready Combo are kits with components picked out by our knowledgeable staff. A little soldering knowledge is necessary to get these up in the air. The Eachine Assassin comes ready to go - all you need is a radio to get off the ground!

Charpu Racing ComboRace Ready ComboEachine Assassin


Props, Batteries, Etc

These HQ durable props are very robust and break resistant, making crashes less likely to result in prop breakage. If you're flying a Tiny Whoop these Tattu 1S batteries are top of the line, and we sell them in packs of 5 so you can be up in the air for longer. This safe parallel charging board will save you time at home as you can charge 6 1S batteries at a time!

HQ Durable Props 5045Tattu 1S Batteries for Tiny WhoopSafe Parallel Charging Board for mCP X & Pico




The Fat Shark Dominator HD3 Headset is a true upgrade to your FPV system at 800x600 resolution and a 42 degree field of vision. The Taranis X9D Plus combines state of the art ACCST frequency hopping technology and the powerful Open TX open-source software for unprecedented range and reliability. The RunCam 2 HD Camera was designed specifically for RC and FPV. It weighs in at just 49 grams (including the battery) and can shoot flawless at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second.


Fat Shark Dominator HD3 Modular FPV HeadsetTaranis Radio with Storage CaseRunCam 2 HD Camera


Charging Cases

One of the best ways to upgrade in any hobby is by getting organized. These beautiful cases make your charging station cable-free and look sleek. They come mounted and connected - all you have to do is plug your case in to AC power and start charging! The compact Neutrino Ticket 350W Combo comes with a Junsi P350 Power Supply and an iCharger 206B. The Hardline Home Solution 1000W Combo comes with a MeanWell 1000W Power Supply and your choice of an iCharger 306B or 3010B. While you're at it grab yourself a safe parallel charging board - the one listed below can handle packs from 2S to 6S and is capable of charging up to four packs at once with a maximum total charge rate of 35A. If you're feeling really charge-happy you can daisy chain multiple boards together for unlimited charging capabilities.

Neutrino Ticket 350W ComboHardline Home Solution 1000W ComboSafe Parallel Board for JST-XH & XT60


Batteries, Props, Tools

The Revolectrix Silver Label GoPACK series of Graphene Oxide batteries hold a higher voltage charge per cell which results in more potential power for your RC. To step up your prop game check out the RaceKraft 5051 Tri-Blade Crane Style Props - we now carry them in gorgeous Night Sky Star. If you're working on EC5s a lot, this affordable tool is a must-have in your toolkit. Click here to check out a video showing how it works.

Revolectrix Silver 4S 1200mAh 70C LiHV GoPACKRaceKraft 5051 Tri-Blade Crane Style PropsPRC EC5 Assembly Punch



Premium Equipment

When the staff saw the Horus X12S for the first time we all just stared at it for a good minute before someone made the move to take it out of the case. It is an extremely beautiful piece of technology. Besides its sleek look, the radio itself is upgraded in every way imaginable to premium components. The Connex ProSight HD Vision Pack is a true game changer, bringing true HD to the FPV arena with crystal clear video and no need to worry about latency.

Horus X12S RadioConnex ProSight HD Vision Pack


Charging Cases

If you've made it this far down the page, you've probably seen it all and are looking for something awesome to add to your arsenal. These two cases are top-of-the line upgrades to your charging station. The PRC Signature Series: "The Caged Threat" 2000W Combo is our most popular charging case, and for good reason. The combination of the iCharger 4010Duo and the MeanWell 2000W Charger is ready for any situation you can throw at it. If that isn't quite enough for you, enter the Big Rig. This is a rugged, reliable, and powerful charging station, designed from the ground-up to be ready for the highest demand applications. Take this one home and know you're in good company - from Facebook to NASA, the Big Rig is the professionals' choice.

PRC Signature Series: The Caged Threat 2000W ComboBig Rig



Tattu batteries are designed specifically for the demands of the latest UAVs. These packs are ready for heavy lifting.

Tattu 6S 16000mAh 15CTattu 6S 30000mAh 25C