If we were to make a list of most requested products, one item would win by a landslide: putting the PowerLab 8 in a Hardline Case. Ever since we brought out the Hardline Case, the PL8 has been the final frontier. Three times the size of the iCharger 306B, the PL8 just wasn't suited to being mounted in the case.

So we decided to put two of them in there. With a 2000W power supply.

And then we threw some LEDs in too, because awesome.

We'll have deck options for one PL8 or two - even with two of them running full tilt, it stays nice and cool under there thanks to a large fan at the back of the case drawing cool air down through the vent holes in the deck.

It's been a long haul, but we're putting the final pieces in place to get this up for sale. Watch this space!