Cold Weather RC and Battery Care

Cold weather is on its way, and for many RC hobbyists that can mean less time in the air. We have compiled a list of cold weather tips, including important battery-saving information, and we're excited to share that with you wonderful people.


Storing Batteries Correctly for Winter

We wrote a great technical blog on this topic a while back that is still relevant (you can find it by clicking here). It's so important to keep your LiPo batteries at around a 40% charge rate for storage. This is the recommended storage charge percentage because it is the level at which your batteries will last the longest. Make sure when you're heading back in from a successful winter flight that you're charging your batteries back up to 40% before storing them!


Keep Your Batteries Warm

If you keep your batteries warm on the way to the field, your flights can go a little longer - but definitely keep flights shorter in the cold. If you're not careful, your batteries can freeze. We have heard of people keeping their batteries near their car heaters or in their outer pockets close to their bodies on their way to the field.


Know Your Surroundings

That soft snow bank you landed in yesterday? Better double check and ensure it didn't become a solid piece of ice overnight! Though cold weather can be exhilarating, it can also be tricky to maneuver. If it's snowing outside consider that snow can get into your electronics which can cause a short.


Keep Yourself Warm!

There are many cool tools (pun intended!) to stay warm. Generally you'll want fingerless gloves so you can control your sticks, and there are great options available out there. Some people prefer gloves with just a couple fingers cut out, while some people are more concerned with the texture of the palms (check out these nifty suede-lined numbers). Some people like them and some people don't, but if you haven't tried a transmitter glove it could be a good solution for you.

Do you have any awesome tips for your area? Know of any great indoor flying arenas? Let us know about them in the comments!