5 Ways to Get Started in RC Hobbies

We just exhibited at the International Drone Expo in Los Angeles and GE2 in Seattle.

Easily the top question people had for us was: 'How do I get started?' There is no one route into RC hobbies, but we have a few suggestions! This list is catered towards multirotors, but the advice can be translated to any RC hobby.


Educate Yourself

RCs are a branch of technology and therefore have the potential to come with a small knowledge gap.  Understanding batteries, charging, and the basics of electricity are very important in this hobby.  Knowing how to properly store batteries over the colder months is helpful for the longevity of your battery life.  Watching videos on the basics of soldering is crucial as there will be some soldering required once you get into building your own quadcopters.  Keep an eye on our blog and YouTube channel for tips and tricks on the tech-side of RC building and maintenance!


Check Out Industry Influencers

Just like any hobby or industry, there are people out there constantly trying out new gear, innovating, and pushing the limits.  When it comes to the multirotor world, probably the most famous and popular influencer is Mr. Steele.  You can check out his channel here.  There are many people constantly working to make the quads fly faster, the frames more lightweight, the propellers more aerodynamic... the list goes on.  Depending on what interests you most about this industry, go search around and find people whose work is inspiring.  Subscribe to their channels, read up on the gear they use, and check out their sponsors.  


Take the Plunge!

Once you feel you can't watch other people any longer, it's time to get your first quad.  For us that was less than a week - we couldn't wait to get off the ground!  ProgressiveRC sells a couple of great pre-setup kits: our Race Ready Combo and our Charpu FPV Racing Combo.  You can grab them up as is and put them together at home, or for a small charge our wonderful staff will set it all up for you and you can have it ready to fly out of the box.  If you're nervous about starting there, you can always check out alternatives like foam wings or Tiny Whoops.  We carry replacement motors, cameras, and batteries for the Tiny Whoops so you can fly clear-headed knowing if you break a motor it's easy to replace.  Don't get discouraged if you crash.  You are going to crash!  We all do.


Find a Forum and Get Social

There are so many great sites out there dedicated to discussing everything you need to know about this hobby.  Our favorite forum is RC Groups, but there are unlimited sites on every topic imaginable in every language for you to discover.  You can also head into your social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for up-to-date information and awesome videos.  When looking around forums or social media try searching the following keywords:  fpv, first-person view, quadcopter, multirotor, lipo batteries, drone, rcheli, rc, radio control, rchobbies.  You're bound to find inspiring information, and the more you delve into the community the easier finding that information will become.  Side note - check out some podcasts while you're at it.  We love RCHeliNation if you're interested in RC Helicopters!


Ask Questions!

Everyone in the hobby loves what they do – and they love to talk about it!  Once you find that forum you can't stop reading or that Instagrammer whose gear you can't stop drooling over, reach out!  Interacting with the community is the best way to learn, and since everyone does things a little differently reaching out to as many people as you can is the fastest way to discover the best set up for you.  Of course, you can always contact us here at ProgressiveRC with any questions you might have - we love hearing from you!