BrainFPV Radix LI Flight Controller

All the Radix goodness in a 20x20 board!

5 available




The advanced Radix FC is now available as a 20x20 for your micro builds! All the features and performance (well, almost all!) even when shrunk down.

On top of the normal Betaflight OSD, RADIX LI on-screen-display gives you extra features you can't get anywhere else. Proudly show off your pilot and team logo using our logo customizer with just a click of a button. Extra features also include an artificial horizon, gyro spectrograph, RC stick display, 3D OSD support and more!

Compared to the full-size board, the LI is smaller (obviously!), and has a 5V regulator (limited to 500mA), but it had to give up the barometer and MicroSD. Luckily you can use the BrainFPV OSD for tuning anyway, so who needs the OSD? And you can always attach an external GPS if you need altitude data.

RADIX LI can be used with any 4-in-1 ESC on the market. It comes with cables and connectors to easily make your own wiring harness.



3-Axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer Bosch Sensortec BMI160 running at 3.2kHz, connected using SPI
Maximum Input Voltage 26V DC
Output Voltage 5V BEC (500mA max!)
Weight 4g
Dimensions 26.5x26.5mm (20x20mm hole spacing)


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