FMA Charge Control Software Tour

While the PowerLab Battery Workstations and other Revolectrix chargers provide access to most important settings and features right at the device's panel, Charge Control Software (CCS) makes even the most complex task simple, due to its graphical interface. CCS is a free download. No other competing product offers such a tightly integrated, streamlined approach to setting up and using your charger or Battery Workstation, viewing detailed data and graphs, and seamlessly and reliably updating your product's firmware to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and new features. In order to use CCS with your device, you will need the correct PC software version for your Revolectrix brand charger, and either the FUIM2 or FUIM3 PC USB interface. Many Combos include the PC interface. To access the software install page for your product:

1) Click the Chargers tab from the main navigation bar of (top of this page)
2) Click on the image of your Charger or Battery Workstation
3) Click the Resources tab for that product. Here you will find, among other items, a link to the Software Install page for the product

Note: the PC software may be downloaded and installed for evaluation even if you do not own the product.

To begin the brief tour, click the arrow below.