The latest software version for the CellLog 8S is version 2.08 and the latest software for the PowerLog 6S is version 1.10 released September 7, 2011.

To update your CellLog 8S, first install the USB drivers which are available on the included CD or for download from the following link. The PowerLog does not require a driver download.

Next, download and install the upgrader software (compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 8):

Then download and install the update file for your CellLog 8S or PowerLog 6S using the included USB cable:

The latest version of LogView, version (released April 29, 2014), for use in downloading log files and graphing data is available for download here:

A simplified alternative data reading/display program for CellLog 8S or PowerLog 6S is now available (thanks AJH):