PRC Charger Power Calculator

The "PRC Charger Power Calculator" will calculate the maximum supported charge rate for any of our chargers. The output power required from the power supply or DC input is also calculated to assist in selecting an adequate power source.

Select a charger from the drop-down list or enter specifications.

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Maximum Number of LiPo Cells in Series(?): S
Maximum Charging Current (?): Amps
Charger Power Limit (?): Watts
Charger Efficiency (?): %


Charger Limits
This section lists the maximum charge current at different cell counts for the charger specifications entered. It also shows whether the output charge current is limited by the charger's current rating or the charger's power limit.

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Power Supply Selection
This section calculates the amount of current the power supply must provide at various output voltages to meet the power requirements for the charger specifications entered.

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