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Charging Deck for PRC Hardline Cases

You've got your Hardline Case all set up - your power supply is mounted, your AC Adapter and Fan Grills installed, your charger is fixed to the top lining - now you just need someplace to actually charge your batteries! Enter the Charging Deck.

Custom made to fit your Hardline or Hardline XL Case, the Charging Deck drops right on to the lip that runs around the inside of the case. You don't need to fasten anything down - closing the lid will secure the deck snugly in place - but if you want to feel extra secure, go ahead and screw it down into the screw holes that run all around the edge of the case.

Made of high quality 3/4" rigid PVC, the deck has two troughs sunk into it: at the back of the case the smaller trough is perfect for installing your Banana Plug Binding Posts to give them plenty of vertical clearance when the case is closed; the larger trough at the front is designed to allow your lid-mounted iCharger 306B or 3010B to fold neatly away, and it also acts as a useful place to put easy-to-lose items like small adapter cables while you've got the case open.



Dimensions 14 1/8 x 10 9/16 x 3/4" (3/16" thick where it rests on the case lip)
AC Cable Included


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DeckReview by Doug
Wasn't sure I needed this, but now since I have it, it is indispensable. A very handy item to have. (Posted on 10/8/2013)

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