iCharger 308Duo
iCharger 308Duo
iCharger 308Duo
iCharger 308Duo
iCharger 308Duo
iCharger 308Duo
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iCharger 308Duo

High-power charger providing 30 amps on each of two channels - or combine the two outputs in parallel for up to 50 amp charge rates!

Includes a JST-XH balance board for each channel!

Need flexibility in your charging? Nothing beats the convenience of a dual-port charger. Two independent charging channels in one compact unit lets you simultaneously work with batteries of different cell count , charging at up to 30A simultaneously - or if you want to go all out, combine the two channels and charge at up to 50A!

With two JST-XH balance boards included - one for each channel - you'll be ready to go right away.

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Input Voltage 10 - 30V DC
Dimensions 171x118x59mm
Balance Accuracy 10mV
Memories 64 user presets
Current Drain (Balancing) 1.2A per channel (up to 2.4A in synchronous mode)
Discharge Current Range 0.05-30A per channel (up to 50A in synchronous mode)
Input Current 60A
Temperature Control (Intel.) Yes
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1 - 8 series
Charge Power (Max) 1300W at >24V (800W max. per channel)
Discharge (Max) 80W per channel (up to 140W in synchronous mode)
External Discharge (Max) 1050 W per channel (up to 2100W in synchronous mode)
Regenerative Discharge (Max) 800W per channel (up to 1300W in synchronous mode)
Cell Count (NiCd/NiMh) 1 - 25 series
Pb Battery Cell Count 1 - 18 series
PC Connectivity Mini USB 2.0
USB Charging Port 5V, 1A (1.2A current limiting protection)
Warranty 1 year
Weight 910g
Charge Current Range 0.05-30A per channel (up to 50A in synchronous mode)

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Great charger just a small issue

My favorite charger by far however the screens do have a tendency to go blank after a bit. I used mine for about 150 charges over 3 years and my screen just went blank, the charger still works but you can't see anything. The ribbons for repair are cheap so I hope it does the trick!

Outstanding Service

Chad at Progressive helped me through deciding which charging solution best suited my needs then followed up with fast shipping an help after the sale. Progressive can’t be beat for customer service!

Died too soon

Bought in February 2020 died 6/22/2020. For the amount of money that was spent, this is unacceptable. yes it is electrical, and things happen. Having said that I have chargers that cost 25% of this one that are pushed to their capacity every time I charge.

I was beautiful while it lasted, but the sour taste of an early demise is all I have now.

ProgressiveRC Comment: This product carries a 1 year warranty and will be repaired or replaced for free during this period. An extended warranty can also be purchased. Please contact us for service options.

Overall shopping and warranty Service review

Excellent! Before my purchase from PRC I researched chargers and supplies on various blogs. PRC's name kept coming up. Now I see why. I purchased a charger/supply setup 6-7 months ago. Recently I started to experience an intermittent power supply issue so I RMA'd the supply. PRC technician (Thanks Chadd!) worked with me to identified the problem. They could not be repaired the supply "in-house" so PRC replaced the supply with a brand new one. I don't believe things would have went so well with another supplier. Same day shipping, excellent customer service. Do yourself a favor, go with Progressive RC!

Best Money ever Spent!

IMHO, IChargers are the best on the market, It does everything to ensure Safety and Battery life.
You spend less time charging, cycling and balancing and more time flying.

ProgressiveRC is in my top 5 places to shop!!

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