iCharger 406Duo
iCharger 406Duo
iCharger 406Duo
iCharger 406Duo
iCharger 406Duo
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iCharger 406Duo

High-power charger providing 40 amps on each of two channels - or combine the two outputs in parallel for up to 70 amp charge rates! Includes a JST-XH balance board for each channel!

Need flexibility in your charging? Nothing beats the convenience of a dual-port charger. Two independent charging channels in one compact unit lets you simultaneously work with batteries of different cell count , charging at up to 40A simultaneously - or if you want to go all out, combine the two channels and charge at up to 70A!

With two JST-XH balance boards included - one for each channel - you'll be ready to go right away.

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Input Voltage 10 - 30V DC
Dimensions 171x118x59mm
Balance Accuracy 10mV
Memories 64 user presets
Current Drain (Balancing) 1.2A per channel (up to 2.4A in synchronous mode)
Discharge Current Range 0.05-40A per channel (up to 70A in synchronous mode)
Input Current 60A (47A single channel maximum)
Temperature Control (Intel.) Yes
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1 - 6 series
Charge Power (Max) 1400W at >26V (1000W max. per channel)
Discharge (Max) 80W per channel (up to 140W in synchronous mode)
External Discharge (Max) 1000W per channel (up to 2000W in synchronous mode)
Regenerative Discharge (Max) 1000W per channel (up to 1400W in synchronous mode)
Cell Count (NiCd/NiMh) 1 - 25 series
Pb Battery Cell Count 1 - 18 series
PC Connectivity Mini USB 2.0
USB Charging Port 5V , 1A (1.2A current limiting protection)
Warranty 1 year
Weight 910g
Charge Current Range 0.05-40A per channel (up to 70A in synchronous mode)

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
406 ICharger

Great item. Progressive shipped quickly-USPS held up but finally delivered. Quality charger.

Great pricing and Fast Delivery!

Ordered Icharger 406 on the black friday sale and it was shipped and delivered fast. Over exceeding my expectations being ordered on a holiday.

Great Product + Great Service

Love the charger and appreciate the excellent service.

Progressive great ...Junsi not so much

Rcprogressive tried to help out when the 406 duo went belly up, but were unable since i purchased the unit directly from china. Junsi themselves lost an x6 i sent in for repair, and are unwilling to confirm ifvthe duo406 can be covered under warranty even though it lasted lessthan 9 months ...they also will not cover shipping. I'll send it in and hopefully unlike the x6, pray to see it again someday.

ProgressiveRC Comment: Sorry for the troubles and good luck, shipping items back to China can be difficult.

Great charger best I have ever owned , and I have had a bunch over the years

Best charger I have owned , wish I would of bought sooner :)

Also using the add on temperature sensors , again just Great .

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