EMAX EZ Pilot FPV Freestyle Ready to Fly Combo

Incredible value and innovative flight modes make this the ultimate intro quad for beginner pilots!

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We believe in a future. A future where any individual can have an entertaining, intuitive flight experience within the confines of their own home. This mission was the driving force in the new EZ Pilot FPV Drone.

Everything was made possible using EMAX's new EZ Flight control software. It is the first of its kind to enable intelligent, dynamic flight performance, while delivering a unique, easy to fly, aerial experience.

Utilizing a First Person View goggle, pilots will be able to have a breathtaking bird's eye view directly from the drone's cockpit, giving a sense of piloting a larger scale acrobatic aircraft. In order to provide an optimal experience for the user, the EZ Pilot features gyroscopic self-leveling paired with Smart Height Assist, allowing the pilot to focus more on the flying, than dealing with throttle management to stay in the air.

With EZ One Stick Control, this custom flight mode allows first time pilots to steer in any direction they want to go without needing to manage two separate inputs. By being this easy to fly, any potential pilot will be able to learn the basics to controlling their aircraft in a matter of minutes.

The EMAX EZ Pilot bridges the gap between beginner and pro for an optimal indoor flight experience.


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