EMAX RS2306-2750 White Edition

SKU: MT-EMRS2306-2750
High-performance brushless motor 2306 motor with incredible performance

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EMax has released their much anticipated 2306 sized motor series, which has proven to be amazing on the bench! The RS2306 motor is more efficient and offers better low-end torque than it's little brother, the RS2205S.

The EMAX 2306 series of motors offer some of the highest levels of quality and performance in a motor to-date. Boasting incredible thrust numbers, with a perfect blend of efficiency, this is a perfect example of how EMAX is a leader within the FPV community and delivering products that continuously challenge the market with bold new designs.

The Limited Edition White motors are only produced in a small batch with the initial product release.



Motor Velocity Constant (kV) 2750
Configuration 12N14P
Stator Diameter 23mm
Stator Length 6mm
Shaft Diameter Hollow 5mm
Dimensions 28.3x30.1mm
Weight 34g


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