Your charger is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you'll own in this hobby, and we think it deserves to be protected. Our Extended Warranty program takes the standard manufacturer's warranty and stretches it out to a full three years from the time of purchase. Any warranty issues during these three years will be handled completely by ProgressiveRC: either by servicing or replacing the charger. No more waiting around for factory service - we know you're grounded without a charger, and we'll keep that downtime to the absolute minimum.

The Fine Print

All the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty will still apply, other than the duration. The Extended Warranty is not-transferable - it covers only the original purchaser, and the original item purchased, as identified by the serial number. The purchaser will be responsible for the cost of shipping the damaged unit to ProgressiveRC; ProgressiveRC will cover the cost of shipping the repaired/replaced item back to the purchaser. If the charger cannot be fixed in-house, ProgressiveRC reserves the right to replace the charger with a factory-refurbished model.

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