FuriousFPV Smart Power Case

Feature packed 18650 battery case for FPV goggles

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Step up to power simplicity with the all new Furious FPV Smart Power Case - the perfect power solution when it comes to FPV goggle performance.

Designed to simplify your FPV experience, the Smart Power Case offers the ability to utilize high quality, long duration 18650 cells, making battery changes a breeze and traveling a non issue when you need batteries the most. And with the ability to quickly swap out cells when needed, there is virtually zero down time when it comes to FPV fun.

Incorporating a feature rich, OLED display that provides battery status, voltage, current, call sign and capacity used, the Furious FPV Smart Power Headset Case is designed for all kinds of goggles. It incorporates a smart ON/OFF button to turn on and off the goggles so there is no need to hack into the goggle to mod the power button.

Utilizing a built in low voltage warning with a configurable voltage option of 3.5V, 3.7V & 4.0V per cell, the Smart Power Case protects your batteries from dying and keeps you flying without worry. You can even charge via the balance jack, making this easy to attach / detach system the ultimate level of flexibility when it comes to true FPV goggle functionality.

Power your goggles the right way via the FuriousFPV Smart Power Headset Case - the ultimate solution when it comes to maximizing & simplifying your FPV experience.


Smart ON/OFF Power Button
Many times, when not in use, the users need to unplug the DC connector from the battery to the goggle to save energy. Repeated plugging and unplugging will create damage and wear on the Fat Shark goggle. With the Smart Power Headset Case, FuriousFPV adds additional protection for Fat Shark goggles & other FPV goggle systems, offering DC connector protection with the built-in power button.

Auto Power OFF
Many times, users forget to turn off the goggles after usage and the batteries are exhausted and damaged. The FuriousFPV Smart Power Case comes with a default timer setting, which will sound an alarm after a certain period of non-active usage. It will beep 5 times during 5 minutes and will shut down the goggle power if there is no alarm cancellation by users.

Short Circuit Protection
In case of any short circuit, the Smart Power Case will automatically turn off the power to prevent battery damage and also prevent damage to other connecting devices.

Easy To Read OLED Display with Data Feedback
Easy to read even in bright sunlight, the built in OLED display offers a host of info to keep you in the know, such as Battery Status, Battery Voltage, Current, Call Sign and Capacity Used with full settings access.

Configurable Low Voltage Warning Buzzer
Designed to keep you in the know when voltage drops below the programmable threshold, the Smart Power Headset Case utilizes an audible low voltage warning when power drops below the designated threshold. Able to be programmed with voltage settings that range from 3.5V, 3.7V and 4.0V per cell, the Smart Power Headset Case offers maximum levels of voltage flexibility & battery protection.

Easy Charge Options via Balance Jack
Making charging even easier, batteries within the Smart Power Headset Case can be charged via the integrated balance jack, making DC based charging easy and simple.

Easy & Rapid Battery Changes
Designed for easy battery access for on the fly battery changes, the Smart Battery Headset Case was designed for FPV pilots on the move, making battery changes simple and easy, when needed.

Long Duration 18650 Battery Design
Designed to use long duration 18650 cells, the Furious FPV Smart Battery Headset Case offers ultimate long duration usage, with the ease and simplicity of swapping batteries when needed.


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