GemFan Flash Durable 2540 Tri-Blade Propellers

SKU: HP-G2540T
Durable racing props for micro quads - each pack includes two complete sets, 4CW and 4 CCW

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Gemfan Flash Propellers have been specifically designed for high-speed racing. The inverse tip design helps to reduce blade tip vortex and the light weight of the propeller means it has a smaller moment of inertia and fast response time.

Gemfan designers use CATIA modeling software and Ansys Fluent to design their Flash propeller airfoils and blade style. Combining the most effective airfoils with different motors to get the most iterations on their design. Testing factors such as surface pressure, airfoil optimization, lift force, resistance, and torque have resulted in the Flash series - made just for racing.



Length 2.5"
Pitch 4
Material Polycarbonate


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