Hanging Bracket for iCharger 4010Duo

SKU: AC-HB4010
Secure and simple mounting solution for the iCharger Duos

36 available




Looking to recreate one of our iCharger Duo case combos? This bracket will allow you to securely mount your iCharger 308Duo or 406Duo to a charging deck.

The design of the Duo charger makes it tricky to mount flat, and tricky to secure. This bracket will allow you to hang your iCharger 4010Duo from a ProgressiveRC charging deck, for a Hardline, Hardline XL, or Nomad XL case and ensure that your charger isn't going anywhere.

Designed and CNC routed here in house at ProgressiveRC, the bracket comes with all the hardware required to mount the charger to a deck, or other panel.

Please note that you will need to countersink the deck or use alternative hardware if not using a ProgressiveRC iCharger 308/406Duo Charging Deck.



AC Cable Included


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