iCharger USB Adapter Cable

  • USB Cable for Single Channel iCharger Devices

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iCharger USB Adapter cable

Our cables are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time.

This USB adapter is designed to work exclusively with your single channel iCharger models (106B+, 1010B+, 206B, 208B, 306B, and 3010B) providing an un-grounded USB connection to prevent a ground fault loop when updating the firmware or using the LogView software. This cable allows you to connect your charger to another grounded device (i.e. power supply) and prevents potential damage to your charger.

Note: Avoid using a standard grounded USB cable with your single channel iCharger to prevent damage to your charger's USB port. This specialized cable has the ground pin to shield connection removed unlike standard USB cables.

  • Input Connector: Standard USB Plug (Type A)
  • Output Connector: Mini USB Plug (Mini-B)
  • Length: 32"


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