Battery Comparison Chart


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Small Image Name Cells Capacity Max Disch. Max. Charge Cell IR* Pack IR* FOM** Length Width Height Price
SpyderBatteries 2S 350mAh 25C for Blade 130 X 2S 350mAh 25C (8.75A) 5C (1.75A) TBA N/A TBA 54mm 31mm 8mm $7.99
SpyderBatteries 2S 450mAh 25C for Blade 130 X 2S 450mAh 25C (11.25A) 5C (2.25A) TBA TBA TBA 54mm 31mm 10mm $9.99
SpyderBatteries 2S 2600mAh 25C 2S 2600mAh 25C (65A) 5C (13A) 3.6 milliohms 15.5 milliohms 1.28 113mm 34mm 17mm $24.99
SpyderBatteries 4S 4000mAh 30C 4S 4000mAh 30C (120A) 5C (20A) 2.4 milliohms 17.9 milliohms 1.25 138mm 42mm 32mm $74.99
SpyderBatteries 5S 4000mAh 30C 5S 4000mAh 30C (120A) 5C (20A) 2.4 milliohms TBA TBA 137mm 43mm 39mm $84.99
SpyderBatteries 6S 2600mAh 25C 6S 2600mAh 25C (65A) 5C (13A) 3.4 milliohms 28.2 milliohms 1.36 115mm 51mm 33mm $74.99
SpyderBatteries 6S 3300mAh 30C 6S 3300mAh 30C (99A) 5C (16.5A) 3.3 milliohms 27 milliohms 1.10 137mm 42mm 42mm $94.99
SpyderBatteries 6S 5300mAh 30C 6S 5300mAh 30C (159A) 5C (26.5A) 2 milliohms 20.1 milliohms 1.13 139mm 64mm 43mm $149.99


*IR = Internal Resistance as measured by the ESR Meter at 70 °F.
**FOM = Figure of Merit: an alternative to C ratings that can be quickly and consistently measured by anyone with an IR meter. Higher values are better, with valuse higher than 1.0 indicating a high performance cell for large capacity packs (>1.0Ah). To calculate take twelve divided by the internal resistance in mOhms times the capacity in ampere-hours [FOM = 12 / (IR x Capacity)]. For a more detailed explanation click here; for an example with sample calculations click here. For 1S batteries internal resistance is calculated using a West Mountain Radio CBA II with a 2.0A load at 70 degrees using the supplied connectors. The micro connectors used on small 1S batteries contributes significantly to the measured IR.