FVT Littlebee 20A-S BLHeli_S ESC

The Littlebee Pro 20A BLHeli_S ESC is perfect for Mini FPV Quads!

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Introducing the latest in ESC technology, the Littlebee BLheli_S line of speed controllers are perfect for those who want to stay on top of the absolute latest in technology, without breaking the bank! At a mere 4 grams, this ESC is designed to be compact and lightweight. It is the perfect choice for many of the FPV Racers and Acro flyers! The FVT Littlebee 20A-S ESC supports 2-4S lipos, are n-fet mosfet driven and with fast, dedicated driver chips on a high quality PCB, while remaining one of the smallest ESCs on the market. Comes with Blheli firmware installed.

The new BLHeli_S firmware and hardware promise to deliver smoother and quieter motor operation, while supporting extremely high eRPM making it compatible with the high KV motors on the market.

NOTE: Due to the lightweight design of these speed controllers, there is no electrolytic capacitor. This combined with aggressive braking has been known to cause voltage spikes. If you have any sensitive components on the battery rail (such as a vtx or camera) you must add a capacitor, either a small one to each ESC or a larger one (~470 to 1200 uH) at the power distribution connections. Alternatively use a voltage regulator for these components to provide stable voltage.



Weight 4g (including wires)
Dimensions 12x23.5mm
Max Continuous Current 20A
Max Burst Current 25A for 10 seconds
Input Voltage 2S-4S LiPo
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Output Connector Solder pads + servo connector


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