Lumenier 1S 205mAh 25C (Pico connector)

SKU: LU-1S-205-25C
Compact 1S 205mAh battery for micro aircraft
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The Lumenier 205mAh LiPo battery is a high C (25C) replacement battery for the Blade Inductrix micro quadcopter, as well as many other aircraft with a Micro JST connector. Tired of waiting to use your Inductrix while the battery charges? For a few extra dollars, you'll never have down time, just swap out a spare charged battery and you're back in action. This is a huge upgrade from the stock Inductrix battery and a must when upgrading your inductrix to a Tiny Whoop. Get more power and longer flight times with this Lumenier battery.

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Dimensions 50x11x5.5mm
Weight 5.8g
Maximum Discharge 25C Discharge 50C Burst
Maximum Charge Rate 1C (0.2A)
Main Charge Lead Pico (compatible with Blade Inductrix, NanoQX, etc.)


Customer Reviews (1)

Great little 1S for Tiny Whoopin'Review by Seattle Nite Flite
Great pack for Tiny Whoop shredding! Lives up to the name on the label.
I got 5+ min out of these packs with 2 blade props, on a stock frame & FC with fast motors.
Thanks ProgressiveRC for keeping my micro FPV habit happy. (Posted on 11/13/2016)

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