Nomad 4010Duo 2000W Combo

The iCharger 4010Duo is paired with the Mean Well RSP-2000-48 - the Nomad is a versatile charging station with plenty of storage space for all your gear

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1 x iCharger 4010Duo   (Excellent Stock)   +$325.00
1 x Mean Well RSP-2000-48 Power Supply   (Good Stock)   +$325.00
1 x Heavy Duty AC Adapter for PRC Cases   (Excellent Stock)   +$4.63
1 x Power Supply to AC Adapter Cable for PRC Cases   (Excellent Stock)   +$4.63
1 x Heavy Duty AC Power Cable - 6 Feet   (In Stock)   +$8.35
2 x 60mm Fan for PRC Cases - 12V   (Excellent Stock)   +$18.56
1 x Ring to EC5 Cable for iCharger Duos   (Excellent Stock)   +$5.56
1 x Mounting Strip - 2" Rough Side   (Excellent Stock)   +$0.00
1 x Hanging Bracket for iCharger 4010Duo   (Good Stock)   +$7.42
1 x Fastener Strap for PRC Cases - PRC Heavy Duty   (Excellent Stock)   +$2.31
1 x Assembly, Installation & Testing   (Excellent Stock)   +$55.72

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When you need real power and the storage to match, the Nomad 4010Duo 2000W combo is the ultimate companion when you're on the road.

With the iCharger 4010Duo and Mean Well RSP-2000-48 on hand, you'll always be ready to charge, and charge fast. 40A charge rates? No problem. Multiple chemistries or cell counts? You've got a dual-output charger, no more waiting around for one charge to finish before starting the second! Take that charging power and flexibility and combine it with the most storage space available in any of our cases and it's easy to see why you wouldn't want to travel with anything else.

Since all our cases are built to order, your case may take a few business days to get ready, but it's worth the wait.


Customer Reviews (5)

Great combo, awesome team!Review by Chris
Love this combo and excellent and fast service from the Progressive team. (Posted on 4/21/2017)
Fantastic case, but quality control was poorReview by Guy
The case is beautiful and functions better than anything else I can imagine. It's so nice looking that I am now charging batteries in my house where I can monitor them instead of in the garage where they are harder to consistently watch. My case had two minor flaws in it that I believe would have been caught with better quality control.First, the fans have LED's in them with graphics. The fans were put in 90 degrees off so that the text was sideways and to the bottom of the fan. I unscrewed them and rotated them the 90 degrees and all is well. They use silicone to help fasten them in, which I didn't have, so I'll have to get some. Second, The wires for the USB outlets were a touch too short, so the black wire easily pulled out of its crimp. I soldered it back onto the end that slides onto the USB outlet device, but it has no power. I believe the crimp wasn't tight and the wire pulled out because it was too short. I don't know why its not putting out power though. ProgressiveRC has been excellent to work with though. I am so happy with this case and highly recommend it to anyone charging 6S batteries. (Posted on 7/12/2016)
Completely changes my perspective on charging batteriesReview by Matt
The package was expertly and correctly assembled within two days of my order. It was well packed and shipped immediately upon completion of assembly and testing. I was charging batteries on my system within an hour of receiving it. It is very straight forward to use and worked perfectly.

I fly 600 and 700 size 3D RC Helicopters that use two 6S packs of either 3300 or 5000 mAh capacity per pack. We have no electricity at our flying field so I normally use 6 or 8 packs during each flying session for 3 or 4 flights. With two Hitec x4 Chargers, recharging my packs was an overnight ordeal. Now I am able to charge 6 to 8 packs within 30 to 40 minutes on parallel charge boards. I could do up to 12 packs in about an hour with 30 amps per channel on my Duo and parallel charge boards.

This has enabled me to charge my batteries in a reasonable time just before going flying instead of keeping fully charged packs sitting for several days or having to plan my flying days the evening prior to flying. The result is less wear and tear on my batteries and more likelihood of flying my electrics instead of just opting to take out my nitro helis.

Also, if I visit a field with electricity or a decent generator, I can fly all day on two sets of batteries with very little downtime between flights. This device has completely changed my perspective and philosophy on electric helis and charging LiPo batteries. This charger solution is worth every penny. I enjoy my electric helis more now than ever before thanks to this charge system.

Great job guys! (Posted on 6/27/2016)
Simply AwesomeReview by Nathan
This charger and case combination is simply awesome! I can now charge all my batteries at once and thereby cutting down on time spent waiting and more time spent flying. ProgressiveRC was great.They built and had the case to me quickly! The build quality is very good. Thank you ProgressiveRC! (Posted on 8/24/2014)
FAST AND POWERFUL (Posted on 7/28/2014)

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