PRC Signature Series: "The Powerline XL" 1500W Combo

FMA's Bump Controller lets you remotely operate the PowerLab in this 1500W charging case

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Hardline Deck for PL8 & Bump Controller   (Excellent Stock)   +$32.49
1 x FMA PowerLab 8 v2   (Low Stock)   +$222.83
1 x Mean Well RSP-1500-24 Power Supply   (Good Stock)   +$269.26
1 x FMA Bump Controller   (Very Low Stock)   +$139.27
1 x Heavy Duty AC Adapter for PRC Cases   (Low Stock)   +$13.92
1 x Power Supply to AC Adapter Cable for PRC Cases   (Good Stock)   +$4.63
1 x Heavy Duty AC Power Cable - 6 Feet   (Excellent Stock)   +$6.49
1 x 92mm Fan for PRC Cases - 24V   (Good Stock)   +$9.28
2 x Fan Grill - 90mm   (Excellent Stock)   +$15.30
1 x Power Supply to EC5 Cable   (Good Stock)   +$5.56
1 x Parallel EC5 Adapter   (Good Stock)   +$7.42
1 x 8S FMA Adapter Cable for Modular Balance Board   (Excellent Stock)   +$2.31
1 x Banana Plug Binding Post for PRC Cases   (In Stock)   +$3.70
1 x 90 Degree Power Supply to Banana Plug Binding Post Cable   (Out of Stock)   +$5.56
1 x PowerStand Socket   (Excellent Stock)   +$14.85
1 x Mounting Strip - 2" Soft Side   (Excellent Stock)   +$1.85
3 x Mounting Strip - 2" Rough Side   (Excellent Stock)   +$3.69
1 x Fastener Strap for PRC Cases - PRC Heavy Duty   (Excellent Stock)   +$2.31
1 x Assembly, Installation & Testing   (Excellent Stock)   +$46.43



The new Bump Controller from FMA is the key to an incredibly clean charging setup in our new Signature Series version of the Powerline combo. The touchscreen of the Bump Controller is all you need to control your charger, whether you're using tagged batteries or not, so that is all you can see - everything else is hidden away beneath the deck. With banana plugs and a balance board mounted directly in the deck, you'll never need to even touch the charger.

Choose between the PowerLab 6 or PowerLab 8 charger - each capable of charge rates up to 40 amps! - and it will be tucked neatly away beneath your charging deck in the PRC Hardline XL Case. Also hidden away is the Mean Well RSP-1500-24 power supply: with its active Power Factor Correction it's the perfect choice for a mobile charging setup that needs to make efficient use of generator power, and with 1500W of output it's more than ready for the highest demands of the PL8.

Included in the package are all the accessories you need to create an unbeatable portable charge solution.

This is a true plug-and-play solution - we assemble your combo for you! We'll mount your gear, drill the holes, connect everything up so that when it arrives, all you have to do is plug in to AC power and start charging.

Since all our cases are built to order, your case may take a few business days to get ready, but it's worth the wait.


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