Battery Power Input Lead for iCharger Duos
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Battery Power Input Lead for iCharger Duos

Heavy duty lead gives you 30 inches of flexibility for connecting to a lead-acid battery

On the road and need to power your iCharger Duo? This heavy duty cable makes it easy to provide power to your charger from a 12V source like a car or deep cycle battery. 10 AWG silicone wire is ready to carry the full current that the chargers are capable of pulling, and the positive and negative wires are shrink wrapped together to avoid snagging the cable wherever you chase it.

Heavy duty clamps let you make an easy connection to the terminals on your battery, while at the other end of the cable there is a pre-installed EC5 connector to connect directly to the iCharger.
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Input Connector (Cable) Bare Wire
Output Connector (Cable) Battery Clamps
Current Rating 80A
Gauge (Wire) 10 AWG Silicone
Length (Wire) 30"

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