PRC Professional Series: Expedition Dual 406Duo 2000W Combo
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PRC Professional Series: Expedition Dual 406Duo 2000W Combo

Professional-grade charging station has two iCharger 406Duos and two Mean Well 1000W power supplies

Whether you don't quite need the full output of the Big Rig 4000W combo, or you just need something a little smaller, the Expedition Dual 406Duo 2000W combo might just be the perfect sweet spot. Though it's still no lightweight, the Expedition combo is perfectly sized to meet airline carry-on restrictions, which can be a deal-maker when you've got a job on the go.

It still packs a punch, too - with its two iCharger 406Duos providing four independent charging channels each capable of up to 40A, and two Mean Well 1000W power supplies under the hood hooked up in parallel to give you the power flexibility you need to meet any charging demand.

All charging connections are built right into the deck, along with a handy pair of USB charge ports, and even an auxiliary DC input port in case you don't have AC power available. We even managed to squeeze in a storage compartment to keep your cables handy.


  • PRC Expedition Case (lifetime warranty)
  • (2) iCharger 406Duo (1-year warranty)
  • (2) Mean Well RSP-1000-24 Power Supply (5-year warranty)
  • (4) 2S-6S EC5 Charger Interface Panels
  • USB 3.0 Quick-Charger with Voltmeter
  • (2) Heavy Duty 6-foot AC Cord
  • DC Input/Output Port
  • (3) 12V 60mm Fans
  • Pololu 12V 4.1A Voltage Regulator
  • Internal Wiring
  • Full Assembly, Installation & Testing
Note: We keep a limited inventory of pre-built cases available for immediate shipment. If your preferred color shows 'Built to Order,' please allow a few days for production.
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